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Value Statement

  • Money you spent this year on band-aids from hand injuries incurred while breaking the tips off sampling tubes:
  • Annual cost of donuts purchased for bribing employees to stay awake during compliance training: $86.00
  • Cost of your yearly pair of steel toed boots you usually forget to bring to the plant anyway:
  • What the $20 Georgia local section AIHA annual membership fee seems like in comparison:
Of all the money you spend furthering your Industrial Hygiene career, we think your $20 is well spent on a Georgia local section AIHA annual membership.

Categories (Levels)

  1. Professional Membership
  2. Student Membership
  3. Honorary Membership

Membership Benefits

  • Professional Advancement
    The credibility of belonging to a network of local IH professionals is a credential in itself. Local section informational and educational opportunities are offered to keep members at the cutting edge of the profession.

  • Information
    Quarterly newsletters, credible local sources, and links to valuable tools through our award winning web site provide information for members to keep up with the latest developments on issues at the local, state and national level.

  • Educational Opportunities
    Georgia local section strives to offer quality educational meetings on a quarterly basis. Our recent list of excellent speakers includes: Mr. Aaron Trippler, AIHA Director of Government Affairs, The local section also solicits local presenters in an effort to recognize the diverse expertise and experience of our members.

  • Interaction and Networking
    What better way to network with fellow IHs than the local section meeting? The local section also provides an annual vendors day where you can meet the local vendors and learn about the latest IH services and equipment.

  • Employment Information
    The local section web site posts job announcements and links to IH oriented job posting websites.   Job announcements are often made at local section meetings. You may even get an impromptu interview opportunity on the spot at a local section meeting!

  • Membership Directory
    The membership directory puts the entire list of local colleagues within your reach. The Board of Directors information and vendor ads are also included to complete your local professional network.
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